Happy Monday!

As I sit at this picnic table, waiting for my family to wake from a night of camping, the air is cool and refreshing as I reflect on my recent book release. It has only been a week since I officially launched “Gathered, Together & Connected Forever,” and the response from friends, family, and the community has been highly positive. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating a soft launch of my book with a few family members. Let me take you through the highlights of the day.

The day was filled with the kind of moments that make you pause and appreciate the beauty of life. My husband, Brandon, helped me set up the pop-up canopy outside our house as the weather app predicted rain. We set up a small table with a bright pink tablecloth, displayed a few copies of my book and decorated with balloons, creating a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere. As my family members trickled in, we greeted each other with hugs and began to share in laughter.

Besides the juicy burgers, sweet corn and watching the kids eat chocolate ice cream on a humid day, the highlight of the family event was the storytelling session. My daughters found the best seats in the house as I began reading from my book. “Gathered, Together & Connected Forever” is a tribute to the natural world, which includes the water, trees, plants, animals, sun, stars, moon, Mother Earth, and each other. It also highlights the traditional practice of placenta ceremonies among some Mi’kmaq families. Through colourful illustrations and a heartwarming narrative, the book shares a beautiful and unbreakable connection between people, traditions, all our relations and the land.

Gathered, Together & Connected Forever book release celebration

As a story that draws inspiration from real-life experiences, I watched as my daughters listened with open ears and pointed at the colourful illustrations. At that moment, I realized I had memorized every word in the book and created a story that captured all my love and gratitude for my children and creation.

The day ended with a group photo and a quick tear-down as the wind picked up. I felt a profound sense of gratitude for this journey, for the chance to share my culture with the world, and for the love and support of my family.

As I wrap up this blog post, I have a heart full of memories and an even stronger determination to bring “Gathered, Together & Connected Forever” to bookshelves everywhere. My dream is to inspire children and adults alike to build a deeper relationship with the land, learn about Mi’kmaq culture, and celebrate the beauty of staying connected.

Wela’lin (thank you), once again, for being a part of this journey with me. Stay tuned for more updates and stories as I navigate as a mother, a partner, and a self-published author and illustrator. Until next time, let’s keep our stories alive and our connections strong.



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Written by : kendrabarberstock